Muscle Aches and Remedies Part 2

Epsom Salts

This time-honored remedy may be worth considering a few days after completing a course of cold treatments. Once the pain has started to subside, a sore back of knee may benefit from a hot Epsom salt soak.


The last thing you want to think about when your back or joints or muscles are sore is exercise. When something hurts, the tendency is to favor it and avoid moving. In the initial stages of a strain or sprain this makes a lot of sense. Pain keeps you relatively immobile so the body can start recovering.

For decades doctors told patients with lower back complaints to remain horizontal for days or even weeks. But Dutch researchers reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that lying in bed does not speed healing or even relieve symptoms. A group of patients with sciatica who maintained gentle motions associated with normal activities got better just as quickly as those stayed prone for 2 weeks.

If you completely avoid motion you can create a vicious cycle as muscle, ligaments, and tendons start to tighten and atrophy. Australian investigators have discovered that people with back problems often experience up to 30% shrinkage of a deep muscle called the multifidus.

Re-injury becomes much more likely when this muscle weakens. People who performed low-impact strengthening exercises of the multifidus were far less likely to experience recurring back pain.

A qualified physical therapist can tailor appropriate exercises for any injury and teach you how to work the multifidus muscle. Such a carefully supervised exercise program will take your particular problem into account and help maintain critical range of motion.

Herbal Medicine and Its Continuing Popularity

Medical herbalists have been using plants and folk remedies for centuries, the herbal medicines they used were once the predominant means of treating illnesses until the discovery and use of modern synthetic drugs and chemicals. A significant number of modern conventional medicines have their origins in plants; morphine comes from poppies, aspirin from willow bark.

In modern times herbal medicine has been accepted as one of the many complementary therapies, used increasingly by a public who have become wary about the perceived side effects of modern drugs and requiring more "natural" forms of healthcare.

Herbal therapy is based on a holistic approach to healing, seeking to treat the whole person not just the symptoms The herbal therapist builds up a whole picture of the patient's health and lifestyle before offering advice and treatment specifically for their needs. One form of treatment for one patient may be totally different for another suffering from the same ailment. This approach differs from conventional treatments where physicians normally prescribe to cure the symptoms.

Herbs can be used in different ways, taken in teas and infusions or applied as ointments or poultices. They are an effective treatment for a wide variety of ailments including colds, blood disorders, boils, ulcers, toothache, nervous disorders, rheumatism, rashes, catarrh and arthritis.

Medical herbalists, who are trained and have diagnostic skills similar to mainstream physicians, tend to use the whole plant unlike Aromatherapists who use distillations of the essential oils. Many drugs used in conventional medicine owe their existence to plants but they are now synthesised by drug companies making use of only part of the plants properties.

Quite often practitioners of herbal medicine work in conjunction with other types of practitioners or refer patients to other specialists for different or complementary treatment.

How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes With Natural Medicine - Home Remedies For Diabetes

Diabetes is spreading like an untamed fire. Most people are coming under its grip. Most people in US are facing this problem. It's becoming a worldwide problem and several measures are taken to eradicate this deadly disease. The advent of junk food culture and erratic eating habits of people led them to the claws of diabetes. Diet plays an important role in diabetes.

Usually when insulin in our body fails to control the blood sugar levels, we suffer from diabetes. They are usually caused due to aging. Especially people at the age group of 40s and above faces this problem while sometimes they are extremely genetic. In order to get rid of them, you can follow some home remedies.

How To Prevent And Treat Diabetes With Natural Medicines?

. Richly colored vegetables and fruits can be consumed more in order to prevent and treat diabetes. Food having high fiber content such as oats and cereals are extremely beneficial for diabetic. You can also have bitter gourd, which is touted to be highly effective. You can mix fenugreek seeds with milk in order to treat this problem.This is how to prevent and treat diabetes with natural medicine.

. Exercise regularly in order to maintain the blood sugar levels in your body. Cardio exercises like running, swimming, walking, hiking and aerobics are especially recommended by doctors to discard this deadly disease. Drinking enough water is always advisable before and after your workouts. You should gulp down at least 10-12 glasses of water everyday in order to stay healthy.This can be the effective manner of how to prevent and treat diabetes with natural medicine.

. Complete avoidance of sugar and junk food can prevent and treat diabetes. You should never consume sugar-based products like soft drinks and sweets if you are suffering from this disease as it increases the blood glucose level in your body.

Toddler Cold Medicine - Home Remedies in the Cabinet

One of the many ways parents can limit toxins being ingested in their children is to use home remedies as toddler cold medicine. Professionals advise that parents minimize use of over-the-counter medicines for their children unless they are truly needed.

Here are a some natural remedies to use when your children have a soar throat and cough due to a common cold or flu.

For Common Cold and Congestion

(Check with your nutritionist on dosage for a child younger then toddler age)

Avoid mucus producing foods

(Dairy products, red meat, oats and gluten containing grains. Bananas and Soya products)

Ginger Lemon Tea: To soothe mucus membranes

2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice in one cup of hot water. Add 1 teaspoon of juiced ginger.

Let steep for 1-2 minutes then strain to remove ginger. Take as needed.

Fresh ginger: To help decongest sinus cavities

1/2 teaspoon juiced ginger, given in a spoon with Manuka raw honey. 2 times daily

Propolis syrup or lozenges: Anti-viral.

Follow directions on the box

Echinacea syrup or tincture: Boosts immunity.

0.5ml 3 times a day until symptoms are better for a maximum of 10 days

Honey garlic vinegar mixture: anti-viral, anti-bacterial

1 teaspoon Manuka raw honey with a bit of crushed garlic and apple cider vinegar. 2 times daily

Eucalyptus oil: To soothe mucus membranes.

Put 2-3 drops on your child's pillow at bedtime, on his t-shirt during the day or in a humidifier.

Salt water nasal spray: to clear out the sinus passages

Can be purchased from the pharmacy; administer as needed

Topical Vitamin E: for older children, to soften and heal the nose's mucous membranes and blood vessels Squeeze the contents of a vitamin E capsule into the nostrils at bedtime

For Cough

Avoid mucus producing foods

(Dairy products, red meat, oats and gluten containing grains, bananas, soya products)

Honey garlic vinegar mixture (as above)

Eucalyptus oil (as above)

Zinc lozenges: to boost immunity; 1/4 tablet for toddler.

For an older child follow instructions on the packaging or ask your pharmacist

Vitamin C: to boost immunity

Start with 500mg 2 times a day (reduce if child gets diarrhea)

Magnesium: to ease tightness in the chest

Or obtain by consuming more magnesium-rich foods such as almonds or

From supervised supplementation if necessary (consult your nutritionist)

If you do use over counter medicines please try and also use the above suggestions. This will help limit the amount of over counter medicine you will have to give to your child per day until their cold symptoms subside. For example: Save the over the counter medicine for night time to get a good night sleep.

A Baby Lymphatic Massage

The Benefits

A Lymphatic massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which runs through the entire body and is a natural draining system that filters out unwelcome molecules and attacks microbes. During illness a lymphatic massage assists in boosting a child's immunity and speed up his recovery.

How to Administer

1. Use a natural oil such as almond oil, or vitamin E oil (especially good for children with Eczema)

2. Start at the feet and work up. Use short, firm strokes. It is important to work upwards towards the heart, as this is what drains the lymph nodes.

3. Do twice a day, 20 minutes, working all the way up to the throat. Just before bedtime is highly recommended. If your child has a soar throat he may complain at this time that it hurts him, like a scratchy feeling. Use a more gentle stroke at this time, but try and complete the procedure for maximum benefit.

Giving your baby a lymphatic massage is a simple task with high reward. Many parents continue to administer this massage even after their child is well because of it's comforting, relaxing effects for parent and child. It is also a great replacement for a bath before before bedtime to help prepare your child for sleep mode.

These home remedies are just as effective, if not more, then the average over the counter cold medicine. In conjunction with a lymphatic massage, make no mistake this combination has a very powerful effect.

3 Little Known Anti Aging Herbs and Remedies You Have to Know About

There are some very powerful anti aging herbs and remedies out there. I've been searching for them for awhile, and by the end of this article you'll know exactly what to look for (these things really work, I've tried them myself).

Anti aging herbs can be a bit tricky, there are so many different kinds that go into the category that aren't really classified as herbs. A few examples would be Cynergy TK which is a recent breakthrough in anti aging skincare, it comes from the wool of New Zealand sheep, it gives some pretty good results.

Here are my top 3 anti aging herbs and remedies:

1. Grapeseed extract This can come in the form of grapeseed oil, or just plain grapeseed extract in a good skincare product. I've been using a product like that daily for awhile now, and it works well. Grapes contain a lot of antioxidants, which fight off free radicals in your body. Free radicals do damage to your cells, which in turn can age you prematurely.

2. Ginseng This is a herb from the root of ginseng, it is used for many medicinal purposes as well as to relax the body. Ginseng also helps to increase your mental and physical performance. Many use ginseng when they are reading up on something, and want to remember it extra well. It can also be used in skincare products to help your skin look younger.

3. Nutgrass Root The nutgrass plant comes from India. It has extremely high nutritional value. Nutgrass root also helps lighten your skin and help you look younger.

These are three very good anti aging herbs and remedies, and it wasn't long ago until I started using a completely natural skin care product. It is not enough to just use a herb or two, because you have to address your skin from the core.

If you're using bad skin care products (like most are), then chances are that your skin will start to look worse and worse, but there is a solution, just pick a natural skin care product!

Natural Medicine And Herbs - Economical Home Cures And Beauty Aids

Hello folks. Have you ever come down with some ailment just when the local pharmacy is closed? There must be some natural medicine and herbs in the kitchen you can use.

I'm going through my kitchen right now to see what organic body products I can come up with. My eyes are really tired so I cut two slices of fresh cucumber and press over each eye. Boy is that refreshing!

Chamomile in natural herb form or in tea bags is a great natural medicine Once, I suffered from eye secretion. I headed straight for the kitchen and found chamomile as a herbal supplement. I immersed chamomile tea bags in boiling water, let them cool, applied one to each eye, (never use the same tea bag on both eyes so as not to re-infect), and finally gently wiped the secretion brushing from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer . After a couple of applications of this home remedy the secretion was completely cleared up!

Chamomile is also great for removing pus from pimples. Peering into the mirror, my daughter wailed, "Oh, mom, I have this horrible pussy pimple on my face." No problem. After pressing a chamomile tea bag that had been immersed in boiling water to the pimple a couple of times, voilĂ , the pimple burst and out came the pus to be wiped away with a ball of sterile cotton batten.

And how's about avocado? I scoop this home cure and beauty treatment out of its peel, mash it up, and gently rub it on my face and around my fingernails for softness and skin nourishment. Natural medicines, home cures, and beauty aids are definitely my idea of fun and economical too!

Why Doctors Don't Explain Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Remedies - Where to Turn for Help

Irritable bowel syndrome and remedies related to IBS are further being understood and successfully utilized every day. So why is it that you were only told to take fiber and avoid "risky foods" at your doctor visit instead of being instructed specifically regarding causes of irritable bowel syndrome and remedies to treat those causes?

In this article we are going to go over the top three most common misunderstandings about irritable bowel syndrome and remedies associated with those causes to explain why your doctor gives you so little feedback about your problem. This in turn will help relieve some frustrations you may have experienced up to this point as well as clarify the best sources that exist today for irritable bowel syndrome remedies and cures.

Misunderstanding #1 There are no remedies for irritable bowel syndrome. It is not curable.

To understanding why this rumor exists, you should start by understanding the perspective of your doctor. Irritable bowel syndrome is recognized in the medical community as a medical condition but not a disease. Once your doctor, through means of medical testing, has ruled out that you don't have Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, bowel cancer and colitis, he/she will tell you you have irritable bowel syndrome. They use the name "irritable bowel syndrome" because no actual fatal disease is present that they can fit into a category and it seems very tedious for them to uncover the spectrum of causes that may be upsetting your stomach. To your doctor this term covers a wide range of causes and symptoms that can be complex and holistic in nature.

Below are the major reasons your medical doctor does not offer remedies to your condition: a) They don't see the problem as fatal even though to you its highly discouraging and life draining in nature on a day to day basis..

b) they don't directly correlate or explain that many other diseases and forms of poor health manifestations can be caused as a result of irritable bowel syndrome including leaky gut syndrome, stress, depression, and endless health deficiencies leading to disease.

c) If the medical community can not make money off of prescriptions or a specific surgery, they are limited in what they can spend time doing regarding holistic or natural remedies.

The doctors are ultimately not to blame for not aiding directly with irritable bowel syndrome and remedies or cures. We need doctors and Md's as they will always be important for the work they do but the overall health system definitely has room for improvement. It would be advantageous for medical doctors to more commonly refer patients to credible holistic doctors and vise versa as they could join under the common goal of healing the individual. Since one focuses more on causes and the other tends to focus more on exterior healing solutions, each tends to differ in many approaches. With added discouragements by way of political, financial and corporate issues, it has been difficult to combine such methods of healing remedies

Misunderstanding #2 irritable bowel syndrome and remedies are the same with every person.

Again, it is the single word irritable bowel syndrome that causes the confusion here. it is simply a word that's been used to lump many different symptoms and causes under one roof for simplification in conversation. Irritable bowel syndrome is like telling someone with low energy that they have "low energy symptom" which is very vague

IBS causes most commonly range from:

A) offset stomach acid balance B) stomach bacteria has migrated to places it shouldn't be C) unknown food allergies that are inflaming parts of your stomach D) you are lacking the proper balance of enzymes.

The Symptoms most commonly experienced consist of:

a) bloating b) constipation c) cramping d) sharp stomach pains e) random aches f) sour stomach And the list goes on and on...

Misunderstanding #3 -Irritable bowel syndrome cannot be cured by natural remedies.

Curable is generally regarded as resolving the issue to the point where it no longer presents itself in the future. Irritable bowel syndrome is not cured at all through medical doctors because medical doctors do not pursue remedies with their patients. Natural approaches however are proving to eliminate IBS both short term and long term. Several holistic experts have discovered ways to recover the offset balance which is causing the irritable bowel syndrome in the first place. This primarily has to do with ph/acid imbalances in the stomach along with misplaced bacteria. Once these balances are corrected, many of the patients no longer experiencing the symptoms. From there it is a matter of maintaining the balance, enhancing with enzyme supplementation, and restoring the body regularly with adequate nutrition. This approach goes far beyond simply avoiding foods or taking the occasional fiber. It attacks and remedies the cause at its root. If you have irritable bowel syndrome and are seeking real remedies or cures, rest assured there is much you can do now to free yourself.

So how should you approach finding remedies for irritable bowel syndrome?

A good holistic doctor can do wonders for people dealing with IBS through use of natural remedies and by attacking the causes we've listed. Not all of these doctors are highly effective however. Because holistic approaches are so wide spread it can be tricky to find doctors that are focused on the grounding principles of medicine with the benefits of natural remedies and expertise.

Common Foods With Medicinal and Healing Properties

Your health and fitness level will fluctuate from time to time. Some day you will be at your best level and on other days, even when you follow the health and fitness advice by health gurus and specialist, you will somehow contract some kind of ailment or find that your fitness and health level not operating at 100 percent. To improve and increase the odds that your health, fitness and vitality level will always be at the optimum level, you can try to use natural medicinal remedies or supplements in your daily life. This will help to boost your immune system and helps to defend your body against attacks from bacteria, viruses and diseases. Try to choose natural remedies, which are based on plant sources instead of synthetic whenever possible.

To make it easy, you should make natural plants and herbs as part of your daily food so that the benefit comes naturally to you. There is no harm consuming it and it is good and nutritious food. This will improve and enhance your health and vitally without worrying, too much about overdoses problem. Top of the list for this is common herbs and plants that we traditionally consume everyday as part of our food such as ginger root, galangal, turmeric, garlic and chili. Below are some of the common herbs and everyday food, which have medicinal and healing properties.

  1. Ginger root is good to combat inflammation, colds, and general digestive problem. Whether you have bloated stomach due to over eating, coming down with a nasty cold or flu, or sinus congestion, you just need to grate some ginger root and make a hot tea out of it to feel better.
  2. Control your cholesterol level by making garlic part of your daily cooking ingredients. Garlic is great as a flavor enhancer and helps to reduce high blood pressure.
  3. Chili or pepper with its active ingredients, capsaicin is rich in Vitamin C and in beta-carotene and bioflavonoid, which have anti-oxidation quality. It is used to treat stomach disorder and gas and help to improve and stimulate the circulatory system.
  4. Turmeric, which is rich in cucumin has cleansing property for the body and can reduce gas, treat digestive system problem and treat skin problem such as rashes and inflammation from insect bite.
  5. Tamarind, which is rich in Vitamin C and traditionally used to cleanse the body and reduce body "heatiness".
  6. Galangal helps to ease intestines and stomach bloatedness and in the removal of phlegm. Galangal can also be used to treat skin diseases or infection caused by bacteria and rash from allergy.
  7. Pineapples has an enzyme named bromelain, which helps to prevent blood clot and for treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. Bromelain can also help the digestive system to absorb protein in the food.
  8. Reishi mushroom (also known as Lingzhi mushroom) are known to enhance the body immune system. This mushroom has a long history of traditional use and is thought to reduce the risk of cancer and aid in the recovery of chemotherapy sufferers although consuming too much have some side effect.
  9. Acai berry, a dark purple berry from the Amazon basin and often called the new super food or miracle fruit of our time. Acai berry has the highest content of the powerful antioxidant compound called anthocyanin and therefore has the highest antioxidant activity of any known fruit. Acai is used for its superior body-protective properties to protect your cells from destruction, which reduce the risk of getting cancer and delay aging.
  10. Last but not least on the list is green tea. Green tea is one of the best and cheapest of all the natural remedies we have. Green tea is value for its anti-oxidative and anti-carcinogenic properties. Green tea can also reduce your cholesterol level and protect your from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

After knowing the benefit of such foods, we should try to eat it as often as we can. The easiest way to achieve this, is to use such herbs and plant in our daily food and making it part of our cooking ingredients so that eating them comes naturally and in a delicious and enjoyable way.

Acne Solutions and Remedies - How to Choose the Best Skin Care Products

The deep rooted problem has been a major issue with a lot of youngsters and adults alike. The problem is serious considering the fact that it spoils one's natural beauty and skin. Looking at a face which is filled with these red irritating boils everyday of the week can be quite exasperating. The good news however is that there are plenty of cures and solutions for acne and pimples. These remedies range from natural therapies consisting of medicines that are made using traditional ingredients such as herbs and oils to the more advanced, clinical therapy which consists of topical application of skin creams along with prescription pills.

The larger problem lies in the fact that the variety of skin care products is just endless. This leads to a lot of confusion for the helpless consumer when he or she has to decide which product to finally choose. One has so many affiliate marketers, private doctors, rich pharma companies branding and selling literally thousands of variations of essentially the same ingredients, that making a sound decision seems impossible. 'How do i choose the most appropriate skin product to treat my acne problems and scars?' these types of questions often come up in the mind. The amount of skin products designed to cure acne nowadays, make it difficult to choose.

Therefore, whilst choosing, we must keep in mind some essential facts as these can help one make an educated decision and also prevent disaster.

1. Everyone has a unique skin type and so the causes and remedies for acne cure varies from person to person.

2. Some people may react differently to others and then others may find it works for them. Therefore, never choose a product which has worked for your friend or a relative unless you have confirmed with a medical professional.

3. The other points to carefully consider are the severity & type of your acne. Applying heavy medicines for minor acne and pimple breakouts might only aggravate your skin conditions. Therefore, choose wisely by analysing the severity of your case.

4. The next point you must consider is that the acne infects you externally however the reason for its appearance is internal. If you are asking why you must consider this, it is because before you can remove the external effects of acne you need to fix the internal problems that first caused it.

5. Therefore, corrections in your body functioning can go a long way in treating you for acne. For example, an improper digestive system often leads of pimple breakouts, so keeping your bowels clean can help in eradicating acne.

These are just some of guidelines which you can follow before choosing the most appropriate acne cure solutions for yourself. I am also emphasising on the fact that it is mandatory to take expert medical help before diagnosing.

Acne And Remedies To Lessen Its Symptoms

Acne and remedies to help with this skin condition can vary depending on your acne type. Sometimes for stubborn or severe acne a medicine will be prescribed by your dermatologist, however if you are one of those people who want to avoid the side effects of medicines you could opt for a more natural approach.

Products for acne often incorporate chemicals to their formulas creating some adverse reactions. Many people looking for natural alternatives chose to treat their acne at home with natural products. There are many effective acne remedies that you can create directly from your kitchen.

Some acne sufferers use herbs to treat their problem. Herbs that are beneficial are:

With antibacterial effect: rosemary, lavender, tea tree, clove, eucalyptus, bergamot, sandalwood.

With astringent and antiseptic properties: rosemary and sandalwood.

Patchouli helps with the regeneration of skin cells.

If you are planning in using herbs at home it is recommended that you consult a herbalist first.

It is also recommended that you watch your diet when dealing with acne. An unhealthy diet is often related to health and skin problems. It makes sense to eliminate certain foods that are reported to have a negative impact on the way the skin looks. The worst offenders are: fry food, pork, fast food, full fat dairy products, processed food, refined sugar and nuts.

The key with food is to have a balanced diet with enough liquids. Is a good idea to detox now and then to cleanse the body from the inside.

Acne And Remedies To Make At Home

Clay masks are beneficial for acne prone skin. Clay helps to clean the skin clear, drawing out toxins and impurities. If you have pimples, apply clay mask over them and leave it overnight. The next day the pimples will be dry.

Honey- It has antibacterial properties and acts as a natural antibiotic. Mix two spoons of honey with a teaspoon of lemon juice and two spoons of oats flour. Apply and leave for twenty minutes. Rinse off with cold or warm water.

Aloe Vera- With astringent and moisturizing properties. It will hydrate the skin avoiding the loss of water. It helps to regenerate the skin, improves blood circulation and helps to eliminate dead skin cells. Use an aloe vera gel product or apply the juice directly over the skin.

Acne and remedies with apple cider vinegar- With anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. The popularity of apple cider vinegar has increased over the last years and is used for many health and skin related problems. Among others it is used to treat allergies, arthritis, sore throat, weight loss, cholesterol and acne. To use as an acne remedy it can be administered internally; diluted with water or externally; directly over the skin. if your skin is sensitive dilute the vinegar with water.

Why Alternative Medicine and Depression Must Be Taken Seriously

Alternative medicine and depression has received a lot of attention in the press lately and is a hotly debated subject in medical circles too. Alternative medicine to treat depression usually means homeopathy, Bach floral remedies and of course herbal remedies, all of which are scorned by the medical community in general, with a few glorious exceptions.

It is high tine alternative medicine and depression were given much more consideration. The fact of the matter is that with anti depressant such as Xanax, Paxil and Tofranil, there are lots of side effects and the FDA has been compelled to put the black box warnings on these medications.

As these drugs usually target the serotonin neurochemical, there is a knock on effect because this chemical also plays quite a significant role in our appetite and in our libido. As you can imagine that has a devastating effect on patients. It must be said that about 70% of patients can get some relief from their symptoms using theses medications but there are also the dangers of dependency and that is a worrying fact for our society to-day.

We have all heard the jokes about mothers' helpers and other ones like that but there is an issue here for public health. It seems that depression is one of the curses of modern society and there is no easy way out. In looking at alternative medicine and depression, we should examine what herbal remedies have to offer. But above all, we should look at the sourcing and manufacturing and processing procedures which should be in place if we are to protect our health properly.

The first thing to look for is whether the company manufacturing this type of preparation is actually following GMP practice and is also a registered FDA facility. Then you have to consider what the actual ingredients are, where they are sourced and how they are checked for contaminants and toxins. We have to consider whether there are qualified personnel in the role of herbalists and or trained homeopaths are employed by the company. There should also be plenty of evidence on their website as regards the clinical evidence and trials of the herbs they have used and what the side effects, if any, are.

Have a look at the guarantees they offer. Very few companies will offer an unconditional guarantee for a whole year but I know one that does. I am not allowed to tell you their name but if you want to find out, you can visit my website where I have set out all the details about alternative medicine and depression.

Alternative Medicine and Depression - Does Taking the Natural Route Really Work?

Alternative medicine and depression? Can natural supplements really create the same changes in your mood as prescription drugs? In this article you'll learn more about the natural route so you can see if it makes sense for you.

As many depression sufferers find that they cannot tolerate the side effects of prescription drugs, they are seeking alternative medicine to treat depression. Some people are worried about making this move because they are concerned that natural medicines won't work as well or that drugs are somehow more effective, but this worry couldn't be further from the truth.

Alternative Medicine and Depression - A Time-Tested Approach

Unlike prescription drugs, natural remedies have been around for centuries. Depression is not a new thing and medicinal herbs have been used since man began experimenting them to treat a state that is part of the human condition. These herbal remedies have a track record of success because not only has knowledge of their successful use been passed from generation to generation, they have also proven themselves effective in clinical trials.

That said, don't rush out and buy the first natural medicine that you see. Like anything, some formulations are more effective than others. What you want to look for is one that contains the ingredients that have been shown to work. Although you have probably heard of St. John's Wort, you may not have heard of Passion Flower which boosts the ability of the first herb to produce lift you from the depths of the depressive state.

Since this can take about three weeks, be sure to have some patience. This is important because you want to give alternative medicine to treat depression a chance to work its restorative powers on your brain.

Almost as important as this is finding a company that guarantees their product, so that they, not you, assume the risk. By taking the time to check into this, you will have found a company that believes in their alternative medicine and depression product because they have done the research to create a formulation that works.

Once you've gone natural, you will be happy that you did. So take the time now to do the research, so you can find out for sure what these medicinal herbs can do for you and how they can help you to get your life back.

Treating the Common Cold: A look at Alternative Medicine and Common Cold Treatment

Scientists and researchers continue to evaluate different methods of treating the common cold. There are thousands of published studies concerning alternative medicine and common cold prevention. More studies are published almost daily. One of the obstacles that researchers face is the fact that some people can be infected with a common cold virus and never have symptoms, some recover quickly without treatment and others have symptoms for as long as two weeks. The reason or reasons for these differences among people can not be fully explained.

The average person has two or more colds per year. Children, typically have more. The cold is a leading reason for school absences and doctor visits. There are no effective prescription medications for treating the common cold. Antibiotics neither prevent nor kill viral infections. Although a cold is not a serious medical condition, it can cause lost days at work and school and can lead to bacterial infections of the sinuses, throat and respiratory system, so many researchers feel that studying the effects of vitamins, alternative medicine and common cold home remedies is a worthwhile effort.

Treating the common cold with zinc nasal sprays or gels has been the subject of several studies and is somewhat controversial. Some scientists and researchers believe that applying zinc directly to nasal membranes can lead to a permanent loss of the sense of smell. In fact, one group of people sued a company, because they lost their sense of smell after using a zinc nasal spray. Zinc lozenges are also available and are not believed to have the side effects associated with the nasal spray, but they are only effective in reducing the duration of cold symptoms in about 50% of the people who use them.

There have been numerous studies about vitamin C as an alternative medicine and common cold remedy. Some of these studies conclude that vitamin C can reduce the duration and severity of common cold symptoms. Others show that it is an effective preventative. Still others conclude that vitamin C is not effective for treating common cold symptoms or for preventing them.

One study in Helsinki, Finland reported a 28% reduction in common cold frequency with vitamin E supplementation, but a follow-up study did not support the initial results. Vitamin E seems to prevent colds in some people, but is not effective for treating the common cold. These types of studies do not take into consideration the fact that some people do not seem to catch colds as easily as others. So results are not reliable.

Even acupuncture has been studied as an alternative medicine and common cold remedy. Some researchers believe that acupuncture can be a reliable fever reducer. Echinacea is often recommended by herbalists as alternative medicine and common cold treatment. However, some researchers believe that Echinacea can be toxic to the liver when used for extended periods of time and so, should not be used as a preventative.

Focusing on preventing, rather than treating common cold symptoms typically leads to immune system boosters. Andrographis paniculata is an herb that has been used in traditional medicine throughout Europe and Asia, both as a preventative and a treatment. Laboratory tests have shown that it has a very low toxicity, even in large amounts and is an effective alternative medicine and common cold remedy. For more information about Andrographis paniculata and other natural immune system boosters, visit

What Are Herbal Medicines and How They Optimize Your Health?

Herbal medicine is considered to be one of the oldest forms of medicine to date. Throughout the history of many different cultures, this type of medicine has been practiced and deemed as an appropriate means of optimizing the overall health of individuals. One of the main reasons that so many people rely on herb based medicine is because of the fact that this form of treatment is not often related to dangerous side effects and complications. However, chemical based medications account for many different side effects and complications.

Herbs are derived from plants that are considered to be safe on the most part. However, it is important to understand that many plants have been found to have a small portion of toxicity. This means, as with any type of medicine and/or treatment, it is important to be alert to the fact that even though certain remedies are considered to be "safe" there is the potential for side effects and that natural herbs should never be underestimated when it comes to this possibility. However, way more chemical based medications have been associated with these dangers than natural herbs have.

If you elect to indulge in herbal medications for a treatment or to simply optimize your health, it is best to discuss this with a licensed medical doctor. The doctor will be able to provide insight on whether or not this is a good idea for you. The professional will evaluate your medical history, and any reactions that you have had with standard medicine to determine if there is cause to be concerned. While many doctors will insist that natural remedies are not the route to take with many, there are quite a few out there that will support the use of this type of medicine.

If you elect to take herbs, it is important that you understand that many of these substances have the potential to interact with other medications. It is also important to understand that may herbs will counteract with other herbs as well. If you are taking any type of medication for any issue, or any other type of herbal remedy, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the one that you desire to take does not and will not interfere with the other medications and treatments that you are taking. If they do, you may become subject to potentially dangerous side effects.

A lot of research has been conducted when it comes to herbs. Many herbs have been found effective for certain conditions while other herbs have been considered inappropriate for the same conditions. If you want to partake in a natural treatment, it is important that you completely research the condition that you are attempting to treat and the herb that you are considering. There are many myths surrounding herbs and the treatment of certain conditions, and it is important that you take the time and make the effort to determine the difference between myth and reality. If you fail to do this, you may only cause more problems for yourself than you anticipated.

Herb based medicine is an old area of study when it comes to medicine, this is true. However, scientists and individuals who study herbs are discovering new things about medicine that is derived from plants on a daily basis. New advantages and disadvantages are being discovered almost daily. It is absolutely essential that if you are interested in this type of medical treatment that you stay on top of the research and studies. This will allow you to have conclusive evidence as to which treatments are effective and which treatments are not effective.

The Best Acne Medicine and Treatments

Acne the most common form of skin disease in the world. This article aims to give some advice on the best acne medicine and acne treatments available for you to use if you are on of the 90% of people who suffer from the condition in one form or another. What causes acne? The best way to describe the condition is when hormonal surges in the skin oil glands, known as the sebaceous glands, result in the skin pores becoming clogged-up and the appearance of lesions and blackheads, normally referred to as pimples, zits or spots. The inflammation can occur on the face, neck, chest and back regions. The condition often happens when the body goes through considerable hormonal change such as the time all through puberty in boys and girls, in women through pregnancy and when beginning to take or when they stop taking the birth control pill.

The extensive acne remedy, acne control and acne skincare products available range from various natural acne remedies and herbal acne treatments, to acne medicines and creams, right through to laser acne treatment and acne scar treatment. Not to mention the many resources, publications and websites available that offer the latest method of acne prevention.

The best acne medicine or treatment for one person is not necessarily the best acne medicine for the next person. This is often because there are differences in skin type from person to person. Therefore the best acne medicine for an individual person depends on that person’s type of skin and their skin reaction to that particular treatment.

Some of the most prevalent acne skincare treatments include regularly cleaning the skin with special glycerine soap together with a soft brush or loofer. This is a form of acne prevention where the skin is kept clean, and the use of the soft brush ensures pore blockages are kept to a minimum and removes any dirt from the pores before infection can take hold. There have been many positive reports concerning this type of acne control remedy.

Acne creams and natural remedies for acne are the most popular treatments. There are various types of creams available; you may have to consult with your GP regarding your skin type and possible adverse effects before choosing the right one. Many people see great results from natural acne remedies such as tea tree oil and other essential oils, witch hazel, aloe vera, capsule supplements and natural apple cider vinegar.

There are various forms of light treatments that are a popular acne remedy. This is a safe method of treatment and can provide good results. UV light is used to clear the condition, there are various hand-held devices available which, when used regularly can give a favourable outcome.

Acne can be very upsetting due to the profound physical effects severe cases can have in some people. However, acne is a really common condition with many best acne medicines and loads of acne prevention advice readily available.

The Major Differences Between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Chinese medicine is one of the most sophisticated medical systems in the world. It has been enhanced through thousands of years of experience and research. Its unique difference from Western medicine is that it focuses on "health" rather than on "healing" because Chinese medicine promotes overall wellness of an individual, as opposed to the approach of Western medicine in treating the symptoms of an illness. As a matter of fact, in ancient China, a physician would not be remunerated for treating his patient who had fallen ill, because it was his first duty to keep his patient from illness. Essentially, Chinese medicine is "heal-all", while Western medicine is "cure-all."

Another major difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is that Chinese medicine focuses on plants as remedies. Plants are essential to life. In fact, nearly all the food you eat comes from plants or animals who eat plants. Accordingly, to the Chinese, plants enhance health. In Chinese medicine, the number of plants used as medicines is greater than the number of plants for food. In Chinese medicine, there is not much distinction between a food and a medicine. Even thousands of years before Christ, the Chinese believed that every single plant on earth has its specific function in the well-being of an individual. For this reason, Chinese physicians have always been on the lookout for a remedy in any herbal plant.

Not until recent decades and the opening of China to the Western world, little of traditional Chinese medicine was known to the Western medical community. Initially, Western doctors and scientists were skeptical of the potency of Chinese medicine, which is based on herbal cures and remedies. This is not surprising because in the beginning of the 20th century, Western medical science had dismissed even traditional Western plant remedies as folklore medicine - concoctions only for grandmothers but not for professionally trained doctors. With the emergence of the pharmaceutical industry, Western scientists began to focus almost exclusively on chemical drugs to treat different diseases with different symptoms. A case in point is human cancer. In the early 20th century, cancer was relatively unknown, but the number of cancer cases soon began to explode exponentially. With the growth of the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry and the need to validate the potency of these chemical drugs, more research studies have to be conducted. Given that Western medicine aims at treating the symptoms rather than eradicating the causes of a disease, and that chemical drugs often generate many adverse side effects, more new chemical drugs have to be developed to treat those new symptoms.

Until fairly recently, after many years of concern at the pervasive side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, is there an interest in Chinese herbal remedies and medicinal foods. Such plants include aloes, garlic, feverfew, and licorice, among others.

Another major difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is that Chinese medicine often incorporates Western medicine into the medical system. For example, in Beijing hospitals, a doctor may carry out surgery in the Western manner with state-of-the-art equipment, while the anesthetist may use acupuncture and herbal preparations for preoperative and postoperative treatments. The Chinese are using the best from over four thousand years of experience to complement Western medicine. Results have proved that traditional Chinese medicine works even though it may not always conform to the current Western scientific theories.

According to the Okinawa Centenarian Study, Okinawa, Japan, and Hong Kong are the top three areas of the world in life expectancy. They all share an important common characteristic of incorporating both Eastern and Western approaches to healing in their health care systems. The use of natural or herbal tonics in these populations far exceeds that of North America.

Get the best of both Chinese and Western medicine so that they complement each other to give you the best health to enable you to become younger and healthier for longer.

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The Benefits of Herbal Medicines and Treatment

In today's fast moving world when everyone is chasing the money and have no time for the health, the diseases are inevitable. Nowadays, we are hearing about the name of the diseases which were not even existed 5 to 10 years before. These new diseases created a number of new treatments and medicines, and almost all of these treatments are having their side effects. That is the reason now people are looking for a natural, herbal way of curing the disease.

People are looking for natural remedies instead of homeopathic, allopathic or any surgical curing process. These herbal medicines or treatments are not a new thing, but they are in existence from thousands of years. The main advantages of these medicines are that they are not having any kind of side effects at all unlike those of allopathic medicines. Unlike those fast healing medicines available in the market, herbal drugs may take some time to cure the disease, but it will not leave any kind of side effects. According to some market research companies, the market of herbal remedies is increasing by 25% a year, which is one of the fastest-growing in alternative health industry.

If you go back to history, herbal remedies are used in India, and China dates back to 2800 BC. And as nowadays people are getting health conscious, herbal remedies are again back in the trend. Unlike any other treatment process, herbal treatment process offers a natural, safe, without any side effect process of healing the disease.

The main advantages of herbal medicines are:


Herbal medicines are a way cheaper as compared to their allopathic or homeopathic counterpart. Also it is very safe to take the herbal medicines without the prescription of any Doctor unlike the other medicines. Also the main problem with regular allopathic or homeopathic medicines is that if you are taking these kind of medicines fora particular problem, for example, if you are taking any medicine for back pain, and now you are suffering from fever then you have to take a good precaution so that both of these medicines cannot be in conflict.

Herbal medicines do not follow under the category of drug instead they fall under the category of food. Herbal medicines can also be termed as a food supplement thus not subjected to the same kind of scientific prescription and inspection.


The main reason behind that the people are looking for these herbs that they are either this is dissatisfied with their regular kind of medicines/remedies, or they are suffering from some kind of side effect Ute these remedies.

However, the main problem with the herbal medicines is that the less numbers of companies are interested in the manufacturing herbal medicines. Thus it is sometimes difficult to find out the herbal medicine of a reputed company. However, this trend is changing rapidly and a lot of reputed companies are stepping into the manufacturing of herbal medicines.

Additional Coverage for Your Medicines and Remedies

Many people feel that if they have adequate health insurance, they should not have to worry about additional coverage for their medicines and remedies, and in a perfect world, they would not have to worry about their medicines and remedies; however, this is not a perfect world, and sometimes even an adequate health insurance policy is not enough for some people to cover the costs of medicines and remedies, or does not cover enough of the medicines and remedies for the cost to be affordable for the health insurance policyholder.

This is where prescription drug expense insurance policies can come in handy. Prescription drug expense insurance policies are actually supplemental insurance policies; they are not connected in any way to your current health insurance policy. A prescription drug expense insurance policy can pick up the cost where your health insurance policy stops paying; this is helpful if your health insurance policy seems to stop paying before it should.

For example, if you are prescribed certain medicines and remedies, your health insurance plan will most likely pay for a certain percentage of the medicines and remedies. You may even only have to pay a co-pay. Yet, if you have a prescription drug expense insurance policy, you can also be covered for that co-pay, or any other expense that your regular health insurance policy does not cover. Still, with a prescription drug expense insurance policy, it should be noted that you may still be required to pay a nominal co-pay.

Prescription drug expense insurance policies are obviously not for everyone. Some people may be offered enough prescription coverage for their medicines and remedies through their regular health insurance policies that they do not feel they need the additional coverage that a prescription drug expense insurance policy would offer them. However, if you are interested in additional coverage for your medicines and remedies, a prescription drug expense insurance policy may be worth consideration.

Expensive Medicines and Remedies: Does Your Health Insurance Pick Up the Tab?

It's well-known that some medicines and remedies are much more expensive than others. This is especially true for people with permanent health conditions, such as diabetes and mental health disorders, because these people have to purchase their medicines and remedies on a monthly basis, rather than just once or twice until they "get better." Plus, not only are they purchasing medicines and remedies much more often, but they are also purchasing medicines and remedies that are much more complicated than the average bottle of cough syrup or antibiotics.

If you're taking one of these expensive medicines or remedies, how much of the cost does your health insurance cover? Most health insurance policies place different kinds of medicines and remedies into different tiers - meaning, the amount of the cost they cover depends on the tier the medicines or remedies fall into. Those that cost less tend to be in the same tier, while those that cost more tend to be in the same tier.

If you are searching for a health insurance policy and know that you have one of these permanent health conditions, make sure you find out how much of the cost of your medicines and remedies each health insurance policy you look at will cover. When you talk with the various health insurance agents, be completely honest about your existing health conditions in order to get the best possible health insurance policy for you.

If you have a permanent health condition and already have a health insurance policy, but aren't satisfied with the amount of costs it covers for your medicines and remedies, perhaps you should start looking for another policy. When this is the case, the best place to start your search is in your doctor's office. He's familiar with the health condition and will undoubtedly have suggestions on how to get better health coverage; at the very least, he'll refer you to someone who can help.

Does Your Health Insurance Cover Alternative Medicines and Remedies?

When we think of health insurance and the kind of coverage it provides, we tend to think of emergency room visits, doctor visits, hospital stays, and standard medication such as pills, liquids, and injections, i.e., drugs. However, there is enough of an increase in interest in alternative medicines and remedies that is causing a few health insurance companies to include them, to a degree, in their health insurance policies.

Alternative medicines and remedies tend to be more cost effective than standard medicines and remedies, and scientific evidence shows that alternative medicines and remedies are more than just beneficial to our wallets - they are also beneficial to our health. A few examples of alternative medicines and remedies include: acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, mind and body stress management, chiropractic services, and herbal remedies.

People who choose to use alternative medicines and remedies currently pay for most of the cost, if not all of the cost, themselves. Even though the consumer demand for alternative medicines and remedies continues to grow, most health insurance companies don't offer coverage for these types of health services, and those that do might offer very limited coverage.

One of the main reasons health insurance companies are skeptical about including alternative medicines and remedies in their health insurance policies is the fact that many of the alternative medicines and remedies don't seem to work; however, the reason many of them fail to work is because the health insurance companies that do provide coverage for alternative medicines and remedies do so only to a limited degree. In other words, due to the limited coverage health insurance companies provide for alternative medicines and remedies, many of the practices aren't given enough time to be effective.

If you're interested in purchasing health insurance that covers alternative medicines and remedies, give your state insurance agency a call. Find out what health insurance companies in your state offer coverage of alternative medicines and remedies.