Common Foods With Medicinal and Healing Properties

Your health and fitness level will fluctuate from time to time. Some day you will be at your best level and on other days, even when you follow the health and fitness advice by health gurus and specialist, you will somehow contract some kind of ailment or find that your fitness and health level not operating at 100 percent. To improve and increase the odds that your health, fitness and vitality level will always be at the optimum level, you can try to use natural medicinal remedies or supplements in your daily life. This will help to boost your immune system and helps to defend your body against attacks from bacteria, viruses and diseases. Try to choose natural remedies, which are based on plant sources instead of synthetic whenever possible.

To make it easy, you should make natural plants and herbs as part of your daily food so that the benefit comes naturally to you. There is no harm consuming it and it is good and nutritious food. This will improve and enhance your health and vitally without worrying, too much about overdoses problem. Top of the list for this is common herbs and plants that we traditionally consume everyday as part of our food such as ginger root, galangal, turmeric, garlic and chili. Below are some of the common herbs and everyday food, which have medicinal and healing properties.

  1. Ginger root is good to combat inflammation, colds, and general digestive problem. Whether you have bloated stomach due to over eating, coming down with a nasty cold or flu, or sinus congestion, you just need to grate some ginger root and make a hot tea out of it to feel better.
  2. Control your cholesterol level by making garlic part of your daily cooking ingredients. Garlic is great as a flavor enhancer and helps to reduce high blood pressure.
  3. Chili or pepper with its active ingredients, capsaicin is rich in Vitamin C and in beta-carotene and bioflavonoid, which have anti-oxidation quality. It is used to treat stomach disorder and gas and help to improve and stimulate the circulatory system.
  4. Turmeric, which is rich in cucumin has cleansing property for the body and can reduce gas, treat digestive system problem and treat skin problem such as rashes and inflammation from insect bite.
  5. Tamarind, which is rich in Vitamin C and traditionally used to cleanse the body and reduce body "heatiness".
  6. Galangal helps to ease intestines and stomach bloatedness and in the removal of phlegm. Galangal can also be used to treat skin diseases or infection caused by bacteria and rash from allergy.
  7. Pineapples has an enzyme named bromelain, which helps to prevent blood clot and for treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. Bromelain can also help the digestive system to absorb protein in the food.
  8. Reishi mushroom (also known as Lingzhi mushroom) are known to enhance the body immune system. This mushroom has a long history of traditional use and is thought to reduce the risk of cancer and aid in the recovery of chemotherapy sufferers although consuming too much have some side effect.
  9. Acai berry, a dark purple berry from the Amazon basin and often called the new super food or miracle fruit of our time. Acai berry has the highest content of the powerful antioxidant compound called anthocyanin and therefore has the highest antioxidant activity of any known fruit. Acai is used for its superior body-protective properties to protect your cells from destruction, which reduce the risk of getting cancer and delay aging.
  10. Last but not least on the list is green tea. Green tea is one of the best and cheapest of all the natural remedies we have. Green tea is value for its anti-oxidative and anti-carcinogenic properties. Green tea can also reduce your cholesterol level and protect your from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

After knowing the benefit of such foods, we should try to eat it as often as we can. The easiest way to achieve this, is to use such herbs and plant in our daily food and making it part of our cooking ingredients so that eating them comes naturally and in a delicious and enjoyable way.