The Best Acne Medicine and Treatments

Acne the most common form of skin disease in the world. This article aims to give some advice on the best acne medicine and acne treatments available for you to use if you are on of the 90% of people who suffer from the condition in one form or another. What causes acne? The best way to describe the condition is when hormonal surges in the skin oil glands, known as the sebaceous glands, result in the skin pores becoming clogged-up and the appearance of lesions and blackheads, normally referred to as pimples, zits or spots. The inflammation can occur on the face, neck, chest and back regions. The condition often happens when the body goes through considerable hormonal change such as the time all through puberty in boys and girls, in women through pregnancy and when beginning to take or when they stop taking the birth control pill.

The extensive acne remedy, acne control and acne skincare products available range from various natural acne remedies and herbal acne treatments, to acne medicines and creams, right through to laser acne treatment and acne scar treatment. Not to mention the many resources, publications and websites available that offer the latest method of acne prevention.

The best acne medicine or treatment for one person is not necessarily the best acne medicine for the next person. This is often because there are differences in skin type from person to person. Therefore the best acne medicine for an individual person depends on that person’s type of skin and their skin reaction to that particular treatment.

Some of the most prevalent acne skincare treatments include regularly cleaning the skin with special glycerine soap together with a soft brush or loofer. This is a form of acne prevention where the skin is kept clean, and the use of the soft brush ensures pore blockages are kept to a minimum and removes any dirt from the pores before infection can take hold. There have been many positive reports concerning this type of acne control remedy.

Acne creams and natural remedies for acne are the most popular treatments. There are various types of creams available; you may have to consult with your GP regarding your skin type and possible adverse effects before choosing the right one. Many people see great results from natural acne remedies such as tea tree oil and other essential oils, witch hazel, aloe vera, capsule supplements and natural apple cider vinegar.

There are various forms of light treatments that are a popular acne remedy. This is a safe method of treatment and can provide good results. UV light is used to clear the condition, there are various hand-held devices available which, when used regularly can give a favourable outcome.

Acne can be very upsetting due to the profound physical effects severe cases can have in some people. However, acne is a really common condition with many best acne medicines and loads of acne prevention advice readily available.