Why Alternative Medicine and Depression Must Be Taken Seriously

Alternative medicine and depression has received a lot of attention in the press lately and is a hotly debated subject in medical circles too. Alternative medicine to treat depression usually means homeopathy, Bach floral remedies and of course herbal remedies, all of which are scorned by the medical community in general, with a few glorious exceptions.

It is high tine alternative medicine and depression were given much more consideration. The fact of the matter is that with anti depressant such as Xanax, Paxil and Tofranil, there are lots of side effects and the FDA has been compelled to put the black box warnings on these medications.

As these drugs usually target the serotonin neurochemical, there is a knock on effect because this chemical also plays quite a significant role in our appetite and in our libido. As you can imagine that has a devastating effect on patients. It must be said that about 70% of patients can get some relief from their symptoms using theses medications but there are also the dangers of dependency and that is a worrying fact for our society to-day.

We have all heard the jokes about mothers' helpers and other ones like that but there is an issue here for public health. It seems that depression is one of the curses of modern society and there is no easy way out. In looking at alternative medicine and depression, we should examine what herbal remedies have to offer. But above all, we should look at the sourcing and manufacturing and processing procedures which should be in place if we are to protect our health properly.

The first thing to look for is whether the company manufacturing this type of preparation is actually following GMP practice and is also a registered FDA facility. Then you have to consider what the actual ingredients are, where they are sourced and how they are checked for contaminants and toxins. We have to consider whether there are qualified personnel in the role of herbalists and or trained homeopaths are employed by the company. There should also be plenty of evidence on their website as regards the clinical evidence and trials of the herbs they have used and what the side effects, if any, are.

Have a look at the guarantees they offer. Very few companies will offer an unconditional guarantee for a whole year but I know one that does. I am not allowed to tell you their name but if you want to find out, you can visit my website where I have set out all the details about alternative medicine and depression.