Why Doctors Don't Explain Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Remedies - Where to Turn for Help

Irritable bowel syndrome and remedies related to IBS are further being understood and successfully utilized every day. So why is it that you were only told to take fiber and avoid "risky foods" at your doctor visit instead of being instructed specifically regarding causes of irritable bowel syndrome and remedies to treat those causes?

In this article we are going to go over the top three most common misunderstandings about irritable bowel syndrome and remedies associated with those causes to explain why your doctor gives you so little feedback about your problem. This in turn will help relieve some frustrations you may have experienced up to this point as well as clarify the best sources that exist today for irritable bowel syndrome remedies and cures.

Misunderstanding #1 There are no remedies for irritable bowel syndrome. It is not curable.

To understanding why this rumor exists, you should start by understanding the perspective of your doctor. Irritable bowel syndrome is recognized in the medical community as a medical condition but not a disease. Once your doctor, through means of medical testing, has ruled out that you don't have Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, bowel cancer and colitis, he/she will tell you you have irritable bowel syndrome. They use the name "irritable bowel syndrome" because no actual fatal disease is present that they can fit into a category and it seems very tedious for them to uncover the spectrum of causes that may be upsetting your stomach. To your doctor this term covers a wide range of causes and symptoms that can be complex and holistic in nature.

Below are the major reasons your medical doctor does not offer remedies to your condition: a) They don't see the problem as fatal even though to you its highly discouraging and life draining in nature on a day to day basis..

b) they don't directly correlate or explain that many other diseases and forms of poor health manifestations can be caused as a result of irritable bowel syndrome including leaky gut syndrome, stress, depression, and endless health deficiencies leading to disease.

c) If the medical community can not make money off of prescriptions or a specific surgery, they are limited in what they can spend time doing regarding holistic or natural remedies.

The doctors are ultimately not to blame for not aiding directly with irritable bowel syndrome and remedies or cures. We need doctors and Md's as they will always be important for the work they do but the overall health system definitely has room for improvement. It would be advantageous for medical doctors to more commonly refer patients to credible holistic doctors and vise versa as they could join under the common goal of healing the individual. Since one focuses more on causes and the other tends to focus more on exterior healing solutions, each tends to differ in many approaches. With added discouragements by way of political, financial and corporate issues, it has been difficult to combine such methods of healing remedies

Misunderstanding #2 irritable bowel syndrome and remedies are the same with every person.

Again, it is the single word irritable bowel syndrome that causes the confusion here. it is simply a word that's been used to lump many different symptoms and causes under one roof for simplification in conversation. Irritable bowel syndrome is like telling someone with low energy that they have "low energy symptom" which is very vague

IBS causes most commonly range from:

A) offset stomach acid balance B) stomach bacteria has migrated to places it shouldn't be C) unknown food allergies that are inflaming parts of your stomach D) you are lacking the proper balance of enzymes.

The Symptoms most commonly experienced consist of:

a) bloating b) constipation c) cramping d) sharp stomach pains e) random aches f) sour stomach And the list goes on and on...

Misunderstanding #3 -Irritable bowel syndrome cannot be cured by natural remedies.

Curable is generally regarded as resolving the issue to the point where it no longer presents itself in the future. Irritable bowel syndrome is not cured at all through medical doctors because medical doctors do not pursue remedies with their patients. Natural approaches however are proving to eliminate IBS both short term and long term. Several holistic experts have discovered ways to recover the offset balance which is causing the irritable bowel syndrome in the first place. This primarily has to do with ph/acid imbalances in the stomach along with misplaced bacteria. Once these balances are corrected, many of the patients no longer experiencing the symptoms. From there it is a matter of maintaining the balance, enhancing with enzyme supplementation, and restoring the body regularly with adequate nutrition. This approach goes far beyond simply avoiding foods or taking the occasional fiber. It attacks and remedies the cause at its root. If you have irritable bowel syndrome and are seeking real remedies or cures, rest assured there is much you can do now to free yourself.

So how should you approach finding remedies for irritable bowel syndrome?

A good holistic doctor can do wonders for people dealing with IBS through use of natural remedies and by attacking the causes we've listed. Not all of these doctors are highly effective however. Because holistic approaches are so wide spread it can be tricky to find doctors that are focused on the grounding principles of medicine with the benefits of natural remedies and expertise.