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After becoming a member of an online casino

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Muscle Aches and Remedies Part 2

Epsom Salts

This time-honored remedy may be worth considering a few days after completing a course of cold treatments. Once the pain has started to subside, a sore back of knee may benefit from a hot Epsom salt soak.


The last thing you want to think about when your back or joints or muscles are sore is exercise. When something hurts, the tendency is to favor it and avoid moving. In the initial stages of a strain or sprain this makes a lot of sense. Pain keeps you relatively immobile so the body can start recovering.

For decades doctors told patients with lower back complaints to remain horizontal for days or even weeks. But Dutch researchers reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that lying in bed does not speed healing or even relieve symptoms. A group of patients with sciatica who maintained gentle motions associated with normal activities got better just as quickly as those stayed prone for 2 weeks.

If you completely avoid motion you can create a vicious cycle as muscle, ligaments, and tendons start to tighten and atrophy. Australian investigators have discovered that people with back problems often experience up to 30% shrinkage of a deep muscle called the multifidus.

Re-injury becomes much more likely when this muscle weakens. People who performed low-impact strengthening exercises of the multifidus were far less likely to experience recurring back pain.

A qualified physical therapist can tailor appropriate exercises for any injury and teach you how to work the multifidus muscle. Such a carefully supervised exercise program will take your particular problem into account and help maintain critical range of motion.

Herbal Medicine and Its Continuing Popularity

Medical herbalists have been using plants and folk remedies for centuries, the herbal medicines they used were once the predominant means of treating illnesses until the discovery and use of modern synthetic drugs and chemicals. A significant number of modern conventional medicines have their origins in plants; morphine comes from poppies, aspirin from willow bark.

In modern times herbal medicine has been accepted as one of the many complementary therapies, used increasingly by a public who have become wary about the perceived side effects of modern drugs and requiring more "natural" forms of healthcare.

Herbal therapy is based on a holistic approach to healing, seeking to treat the whole person not just the symptoms The herbal therapist builds up a whole picture of the patient's health and lifestyle before offering advice and treatment specifically for their needs. One form of treatment for one patient may be totally different for another suffering from the same ailment. This approach differs from conventional treatments where physicians normally prescribe to cure the symptoms.

Herbs can be used in different ways, taken in teas and infusions or applied as ointments or poultices. They are an effective treatment for a wide variety of ailments including colds, blood disorders, boils, ulcers, toothache, nervous disorders, rheumatism, rashes, catarrh and arthritis.

Medical herbalists, who are trained and have diagnostic skills similar to mainstream physicians, tend to use the whole plant unlike Aromatherapists who use distillations of the essential oils. Many drugs used in conventional medicine owe their existence to plants but they are now synthesised by drug companies making use of only part of the plants properties.

Quite often practitioners of herbal medicine work in conjunction with other types of practitioners or refer patients to other specialists for different or complementary treatment.